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We Buy and Loan Against Gold

  • Precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver were historically important as currency.
    Now they are valued mainly as investment and industrial commodities.
  • The enduring demand for precious metals is largely driven by their role a reliable store of value.
    Through the ages precious metals have continued to command optimum prices.

Here’s how pawnbroking works:

  • Confident in the timeless appeal of precious metals, Bonds are happy to buy your gold and platinum jewellery items.
  • We will give you the highest price possible, based on a realistic re-sale value and current market trends.
  • If you prefer not to sell we can offer you a loan based on the value of your precious metal items.
Bonds have had a close business relationships with the bullion market for over a decade. Moreover, as respected international valuers and dealers, we keep our finger on the pulse of the market at all times.
We can, therefore, be trusted to offer you the best possible price for your gold and precious metals.

Please, forward pictures or details of your good's for our team to give you an update valuation or pop in store.
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