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Why People Love Pre-Owned Jewellery

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Sell Your Jewellery

People cannot get enough of pre-owned jewellery right now, so there’s a lot of interest from pawnbrokers looking to buy the best pieces.

With buyers being much choosier with how they spend their money, pre-owned jewellery is having a big moment. Offering people the chance to make a style statement at a price that is much lower than buying a brand new piece, buying vintage is the savvy choice. This, of course, means that we’re keen to buy jewellery at Bonds Jewellers Brentwood. Here’s why people love to buy pre-owned:

More character

Pre-owned jewellery has so much character when compared to some of the jewellery that’s produced today. Someone can own their very own piece of fashion history when they buy a piece of vintage jewellery, and it is really fun to look back on the trends of yesterday. Buyers also like that each piece of jewellery comes with its own history. Whether it is a bespoke necklace or an antique engagement ring, people love to wonder where their piece of jewellery came from and who wore it.

Huge variety

There is just so much variety when it comes to pre-owned jewellery. A trip to a jewellery shop specialising in pre-owned items allows buyers to go from decade to decade as they browse the selection on offer. They could pick up a bracelet from the 1980’s, a ring from the 1920’s and a watch that was only made a few years ago. For those who start trends rather than follow them, pre-owned jewellery really is the preferred choice.


Pre-owned jewellery is often cheaper than when it’s bought brand new, so this makes it popular for shoppers who are on something of a tighter budget. If they visit a trusted jewellers like ours, they can be sure that all of the pieces on offer have been checked for quality. So even though they are paying significantly less for a truly beautiful piece of jewellery for them or a loved one, they can be sure that it is in perfect condition.

Better craftsmanship

An intact piece of vintage jewellery has truly stood the test of time, and that is down to great craftsmanship. Older pieces have been made with a painstaking eye for detail, and some of the methods used to make them just are not used by modern jewellers. As a result, they are much more likely to stand up to years of daily wear and tear, and show that sometimes, we really could learn from the way that we used to do things.

Selling your jewellery

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why buyers cannot get enough of pre-owned jewellery. So if you have a few pieces that are going unworn, why not sell them? You will be able to get some cash to spend on whatever you like, and your jewellery will go to a new home and be worn by someone who loves all that it has to offer. We offer great prices for jewellery, and we would love to take a look at what you are hoping to sell.

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Now that you know just how in-demand vintage jewellery is, why not see if there are any pieces that could go to a new home this autumn? With a fitting payment for your jewellery on the table, it certainly makes sense to!