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Why More People Are Buying Second Hand Watches

Earn Money From Your Vintage Timepiece

More and more people are buying used watches rather than new ones. Why are they becoming so popular – and how can you cash in on the trend?

If you have a classic watch that is just gathering dust, then the smart option would be to sell it. Here at Bonds Pawnbroker Essex, we’re interested in all kinds of luxury watches. Here’s what has made them such a popular choice for buyers – and why yours could be very attractive as a result.

Great reputation

People love second hand watches because it’s their chance to own a piece of classic craftsmanship. Many models of watch gain something of an iconic reputation in the years after they have been released, and despite efforts to reproduce them years down the line, often you just can’t recreate the unique charm of the original. Antique watches are built to last too, so buyers know they’re getting something that can stand up to lots of wear.

Cheaper than buying brand new

It goes without saying that second hand watches are much cheaper than brand new models. If someone wants to own something like a Rolex, it will make much better financial sense to buy a pre-owned model. There’s so much choice out there, so buyers won’t be put off for a lack of watches to take their pick from. Buying second hand is the most economical way to get a watch collection started.

The greener choice

With more and more of us looking to make ethical choices when it comes to fashion, it makes sense that second hand watches are becoming a very popular choice. Buying second-hand items prevents something from being thrown away and potentially ending up in landfill. It also means that a new item won’t have to be manufactured, which has a whole range of environmental benefits. Buying second hand has never been more in vogue than right now.

No great loss in value

Even though it’s not as expensive as buying a brand new watch, buying a second hand timepiece is still a sizeable investment. The good news for those buying a second-hand watch is that if you sell it, there is a much lesser deprecation in value than if you were selling a watch that you bought brand new. So if the time did come to sell their pre-owned watch, a person would still be able to make quite a bit of money-making them very attractive.

We’d love to see your watch!

If you have a watch of your own that you just don’t wear any more, there’s never been a better time to sell it! Here at Bonds Pawnbrokers, we’re interested in all kinds of luxury watches. We’ll take a really close look at yours, and we’ll only ever offer you a price that truly reflects its age and condition. Selling your watch to us will guarantee you a seriously impressive price. We also have an established customer base, so we’re able to take on a range of watches with confidence.

Contact us today

If you want to find out more about selling your watch(es), then please do get in touch with us today. A member of our team will be able to answer your questions and give you all the information that you need. So why wait? Get in touch today, and we’ll take it from there.