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De-Cluttering? Why Not Get Some Money For Your Old Valuables?

It’s Not Just Jewellery We’re Interested In

If you are having a clear out, why not make some money from the stuff that is destined for the bin?

If you, like many others, are de-cluttering your home, why not make some money from your unwanted items? Here at the pawnbrokers Essex customers love, we’re interested in all kinds of luxury goods.

We are all de-cluttering!

We are spending more time indoors than ever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people now working from their homes. As a result, things that you may not have noticed much before can suddenly become very apparent – with clutter being one of those. If you have been itching to have a good clear out, you certainly are not alone! As tempting as it can be to throw your unwanted items in the bin or take them to the charity shop, you can sell them to get some extra cash.

Selling online is not as easy as it seems

More people than ever are selling their unwanted goods online, and while it seems like a very straightforward process there are a number of downsides. Firstly, if you are selling valuable items it is hard to know what price to put on them. As a result, you may be selling them for less than they deserve. You will also have to deal with the logistics of getting your items to their new owners, taking care of posting and packaging. Luckily, there is an easier way.

What we will buy

Here at Bonds Pawnbrokers, we are interested in a number of different valuables. While we are well known over Essex for buying jewellery and watches, there are many other items that we will pay for too. We will buy fine art, fine wines, private number plate, antiques and collectables. These are the kind of items that tend to become more valuable as time passes, making them very popular with buyers. So if you have some of those sitting at home, we would love to talk to you.

Great prices

We want to give sellers the best possible price for their items. We’re real experts in the field, and know just what to look for when it comes to luxury goods. Whether you are looking to sell a brand new, unworn designer watch or you want to get rid of an antique vase that has seen some damage over the years, we’ll take a close look at your item and give you a price that we believe is truly reflective of its condition and appeal to current buyers.

It is so easy

When it comes to selling your item, we do all of the hard work so that you don’t have to. Once you agree on a price that we offer you, we will take your unwanted goods off your hands and have that money in your bank account as quickly as possible. We will be the ones working hard to find a new forever home for your items, which is by far the trickiest part of the selling process. You will not have to lift a finger, and you can just enjoy your cash.

Get in touch today

Now that you know where to bring your luxury goods, why not get in touch with us today? We will be able to answer all of your questions and bring your dream of a little extra cash that much closer to reality.